Valuable Lesson from Darwin

KFC Bagot Road

Nowadays, teenagers are keen to ask their parents for money. As a teen also, I do ask for some cash especially before going to school. We, teenagers, obviously have to do this because that is the reason our parents are working really hard, which is to provide and fulfil the needs of their children. There is definitely nothing wrong with this , but there is just one thing bothering me. Sometimes, some teenagers ask for too much money.

For some kids, all they do to ask for money is just by simply “bringing out the palm of their hand in front of their parents’ face”. I just couldn’t believe that these kids do not even think about what is required to get money. In my opinion, we should know our own limits about how much and how often do we ask for money to our parents. Money can’t be achieved that easily. It needs hardwork and perseverance. I think young adults these days need to not only know, but also experience the hardship of trying to earn money.

Living in Darwin for almost four years has taught me many valuable lessons in life, including the chance to experience the harsh things in doing a job. In this town, fourteen year old teens are able to apply for job in places such as restaurants, department store, and clothing store. As soon as I looked old and big enough to do some work, I applied for a job in a fast-food restaurant. After turning in the application form, the manager called me to arrange an interview. Surprisingly, I was accepted to work in that restaurant, despite my small confidence and small body. A week later, the manager called me to start my very first day.

On the first day, I stepped inside the restaurant with trembling legs. I was very scared because the first time of something is always not good, and it seemed the work I had to do in that restaurant was quite difficult. When I came in, the manager was standing at the lobby then took me inside the kitchen. He introduced me to my co-workers and told me what I had to do, which is quite hard and boring, just like I thought.

After 2 months of working, I finally got used to the job. My “trainee’ badge was taken off, and I was ready to take action as a real worker. While working, problems just kept on coming. One time, I forgot to ask for payment after a customer ordered. This concluded with the customer running away with the food without paying anything. The amount he should’ve paid was really big, so the manager was furious at me because of a simple mistake. Another incident was when I gave away the wrong order, and not fulfilling my customer’s expectations. The customer was very mad at me, and the only way I could get away from the chaos is to call the manager. These kinds of incidents happen quite often when doing a job. At first I wasn’t able to bare with it, but after a few months, I could handle similar problems like this all by myself.

There are many things I learned from this work experience. Thanks to it, now I know how huge of an effort my parents are doing just to fulfil my needs. I know how hard it is doing a job, especially when unexpected incidents happen. I was able to experience what my parents had gone through their whole life after I was born, so I can now respect my parents and manage my money a lot better than before.

Not only I learned how to manage money, but I was also engaged to many useful lessons in life. My part time job after school had taught me how to manage my time really well between working, doing school assignments/homeworks, and spending time with my family. Time management is important, but thanks to my job, I could apply this skill in the future if one day I become a busy person.

Lastly, today I know how it feels to become someone that serves customers. Before getting a job, I was always the one who becomes the ‘customer’. Thanks to the job, I know how it feels when my higher-ups or co-workers are mad at me for doing mistakes . But the worst part is when a customer is mad at you. Because of this, I feel really bad when I see a customer shouting at a waiter/servitor. I became uncomfortable when people say “This is your job, do it right”. I believe that people should be more tolerant towards each other. Believe me, accidents happen, everyone makes mistakes, and no one ever wants it to happen.

In conclusion, the work experience I got from Darwin had taught me valuable lessons in life.


Haikal Ilham Adlan
Student at SMA Labschool Jakarta


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