Earth Day Celebration – SD Islam Al Azhar 19 Sentra Primer – Jakarta Timur

By Haikal Ilham Adlan (Student of SDI Al Azhar 19 Sentra Primer, Jakarta Timur)

On april 22th 2010, all students in Al – Azhar Elementary School at Sentra Primer – East Jakarta had a ceremony.  All of them  wanted to celebrate Earth Day. In the morning, they were at in front of the school to get some advices from the school principal.  He said that we should concern the global warming issues. On that day, every student had to bring  one plant, such as bougenville, soka merah, teh-tehan, and rumput gajah. The plants were be planted on the ground.   After that, the students had to campaign about Save The Earth or Go Green through drawing activity.  The pictures showed at the rear of junior high school building and at the auditorium. The best picture  got an appreciation from the principal.

We felt very happy on that day and we promised to save the earth by maintaining the environment.

Jakarta, 2010


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