To My Friends of the Future

By Haikal Ilham Adlan
My name is Shimon Seto, and I am a soldier of the kingdom of Egypt. I am writing this letter because I want the future  leaders of the world know all the great achievements that the kingdom of my timeline has mastered and how wonderful Egypt is now.
As I write this letter, I am sitting  under a tree near the pharaoh’s palace. I usually sit under this tree because it’s very special to me and it’s located in the village where I live. Before I’m working as a soldier, I was a farmer. It is quite hard being a farmer. Farmers are heavily depend on the Nile’s Annual Flooding to provide water and fertile soil for their crops. The Egyptians built most of their towns close to the Nile river because we need its water everyday. We need daily watering from the river. We are lucky that there is the flood of the nile river.
We’ve  got quite a lot of pyramids now. The kings of the old and middle kingdoms built pyramid tombs in cemeteries in the northern dessert. The earliest pyramids were made of stones. The later ones were built of mud brick. Pyramid buildings required a large workforce at the pyramid site in the quarries. Some of these workers are full time proffesional pyramid builders.
The pharaoh lives in Thebes. Memphis were most often used as capitals, but the pharaoh wants to live in Thebes. Other big towns had palaces for the pharaoh to use as he travelled. Some temples are also had palaces, built on one side of the temple buildings. The palaces always had a wall around them, to keep them seperate from the town,
I must leave you now so that I can help the pharaoh. I hope that reading this letterhas enlightened you about the good things in Egypt.
Shimon Seto

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