Personality Type of Effective and Ineffective Teacher


By Deasyanti, Jakarta State University – Indonesia


The purpose of this study is to explore of personality type of the teachers.  Subjects participating in this study included  26 effective teachers and 25 ineffective teachers  of two high schools teachers in East of Jakarta – Indonesia.  Participating teachers was grouped  into effective teachers and ineffective teachers based on students’ perceptions od their teaching practices.  Personality type of the teachers  was  measured by KBTI (Keirsey Bates Type Inventory)  because it does not require special training and certification to administer.  The result  was  ESFJ and ESTJ as the primary typology of the teachers of  both groups and theoritically as a common type of teacher proffesion.  T-test of independence sample also was  calculated and  found  that there was no significant differences  in any personality domains  between effective teachers and ineffective teachers. These findings  suggest that no differences in personality type of the teachers might be influenced by educational system.

Keywords : teacher, personality type


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