Type of Workload Analysis


Numeric Analysis

At its simplest, numeric analysis helps you determine how much you are getting done with the staff you have. Specifically, numeric analysis calculates the number of outputs (products or services delivered) produced by a specific level of effort (employee time). Numeric measures can range from the very general (average number of books circulated per staff hour) to the very specific (number of steps and minutes needed to process each new videotape). As your numeric measures become more precise they take more time and effort to gather and analyze. Numeric measures are simply snapshots of what is being done at the time the data is collected. With this information, baselines, which measure the current levels at which work is performed and outputs are produced, can be established.

Process Analysis

Process analysis determines what steps within a task are required to create a measurable output. To do this you must be able to identify four things:

  • the output that is created and measured
  • the starting point of the task
  • the typical steps within the task
  • the ending point of the task.
Process analysis identifies the steps your staff takes in producing an output for a customer. Process analysis can also help you identify who is doing what in your library. Process analysis provides an opportunity for staff to identify problem points in a workflow, understand the factors that affect performance, and question why certain actions are taken. Process analysis also provides the information you and your staff need to redesign work processes, which is one way to release time from current tasks to take on new responsibilities.

Sumber: http://infopeople.org


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